A Special Invitation to Hear the Truth

Lectionary for the Trinity Season 2013

The Forensic Appeal to the Throne of Grace (Pastor Rydecki’s essay on justification)

ELDoNA: Charter
ELDoNA: Niles Theses
ELDoNA: Malone Theses 2006

Parish Education: Divine Service Explanation, #1

Justification summarized on one page
Scripture passages that teach how God justifies the sinner
An explanation of the passages used to prove a universal, objective justification
Book of Concord quotes – There is no justification of sinners apart from the Means of Grace and apart from faith

Letter to Rio Grande Circuit, July 9, 2012
Pastor Rydecki’s essay – Do We Want to Be Dresden Lutherans?

Pastoral Rationale for Using the Common Cup for Holy Communion

ESV Children’s Bible – Lutheran Edition (Includes the full Bible text, plus several pictures, key doctrinal summaries, and Luther’s Small Catechism)
ESV Deluxe Reference Bible – Concordia Edition (Includes Luther’s Small Catechism)
The Lutheran Study Bible (ESV)
Treasury of Daily Prayer (Has the Daily Lectionary readings all printed out in one book, with brief orders for devotions and additional readings from the Church Fathers)
Lutheran Service Book (Has most of the same hymns as Christian Worship, but fewer gender neutral translations. It also features richer orders of service and, in my opinion, better devotional material.)
My First Hymnal (a collection of 51 hymns especially suitable for children, accompanied by colorful illustrations for the church year)
Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions (especially for reading the Athanasian Creed, Large Catechism and Augsburg Confession at home)